Binding Options

Hard Bound Volumes

Our durable hard bound volumes are the most timeless and elegant option for your closing documents.  Books are permanently bound, covered in high quality binding materials and foil stamped in gold, silver, or many other colors.



Free Bound®

For years, we heard complaints from our clients about ugly, open-spine, comb-bound books occupying the shelves of their beautiful offices. We were determined to find a low-cost better looking alternative.  “Our unique option is a permanently bound book using a process similar to that of our hard bound. The white cover is laminated, so it holds up better over time and allows the entire title of the transaction to appear on the spine, instead of just a few words written in magic marker."


We understand budget constraints can sometimes require other binding options.  The problem is that we were never satisfied with what was available, we focused on developing a soft cover option that retained the look of a hard bound at a price that still allows you to receive our high quality volumes even on smaller transactions. 



Stamped Ring Binders

All the prestige of our traditional hard bound volumes combined with the convenience of a ring binder. Heavy duty silver rings hold your documents securely yet allow for easy changes, redactions and copying.



Screw Post Binder

Another option featuring the appearance of our traditional hard bound volumes, but with the ability to remove the documents if needed. Concealed screw posts hold the 
documents securely.



Swivel Lock

After a brief disappearance, Swivellock is back by popular demand! The most innovative way to secure your documents while allowing for future access. Swivellock has the same appearance and depth as our traditional hard bound volumes, and can be customized in the same ways. On the inside, documents are secured to a pivoting, locking spine which can be opened to make any changes needed to the documents. 


Faux Bound®

Don’t lose the commemorative aspect of closing the deal if you are only distributing digital documents. Faux Bound® houses your digital closing book CD while maintaining the appearance of a traditional hard bound volume on your shelf. Available in the same colors as our traditional hard bounds.



Perfect Bound

Perfect binding is a popular binding method frequently used for paperback/softcover books, magazines, and catalogs. 

Velo, Coil, GBC and other non-permanent binding options

Inexpensive, non-permanent type of binding options that allow for easy updating.

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